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Public Policy is a tool that can either prevent – or solve – the conditions that encourage residents in our communities to fully realize their possibilities, gifts, and abilities. Because Fitzgerald’s greatest resource is its people, Fitzgerald For Change utilizes Community Advocacy & Public Policy Solutions as a very powerful force to help get much needed resource for our most important asset, our people.

It is a known fact that communities prosper when every child and adult can achieve societal success. Making our community’s well-being our top priority requires commitment and teamwork among our city leaders, viable community partnerships, and community organizations. Working across systematics associations along with community leaders and families is needed to develop and maintain conditions that allow everyone to achieve their full potential.  Having resources available even if the benefits of those resources are not immediately realized,

Fitzgerald For Change (F4C) is a community support organization working for harmony and the well-being of all citizens across racial divides. We seek data-driven outcomes to improve the lives of our community within Fitzgerald-Ben Hill County GA, and surrounding counties.  Because we believe that Communication is the Key to success, Effective Communication is imperative.  Currently we utilize the following Vehicles:

The Talk After the Walk Virtual 

 Community Forum

The Covid pandemic made face to face too risky. Therefore, the Talk After the Walk Virtual Zoom Community Forum was born. F4C has held more than fifteen forums about racial and ethnic issues in our community. Topics like “Unifying the Community: What Will It Take?” to “Equitable Healthcare in Communities” to “Equitable Education for All” has brought together different panelists with a diverse group of community citizens. It is is held every 4th Saturday from January to October of each year (and every 5th Saturday whenever there is one).  

Community Advocacy, Health Education , & Outreach Initiatives

Community Outreach, Voter Registration, Get Out the Vote (GOTV) Campaigns, Community Motivations, and Support:

F4C was awarded grant funds to offer volunteer stipends to more than 20 adults and youths to help garner a strong Non-Partisan Get Out the Vote Campaign. State-wide partnerships and organizations aided our efforts to motivate city-wide voter participation and provided much needed advocacy work to encourage communities of color to overcome voter apathy and community disengagement and to get involved, get out to vote, and become strong participants in the world around them.

In addition, F4C sponsored two Candidate Forums, as well as attended the Republican sponsored forum and that of the NAACP.

Our community outreach has privately supported families with needed resources to include food, clothing giveaways, medicines, housing relocation, and other urgent resources.

Community Roundtable Discussions  

& Townhall Meetings

The Fitzgerald Community Survey and Virtual Forums has sparked many different topics and roundtable discussions relative to “building a more equitable community, and providing a platform for the hard discussion on Racism. Survey results have exposed the need for  more community  involvement  through  community townhalls and round table discussions,  and the development of a City of Fitzgerald Youth Leadership Council.


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