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Volunteer Opportunities

We have different opportunities to volunteer (some volunteer opportunities maybe stipend positions). 

Fitzgerald BVM Partnerships

Marcey Larkin serves as our Program Coordinator for the Fitzgerald Black Voter's Matter Division. It's the Advocates voice and community outreach platform by political advocates or campaigns where volunteers call, register, knock doors of potential voters to identify supporters, raise funds, get people to attend events, and persuade them to become a regular voter or join a cause. If you are concern about low voter turnout for people of color in the county of Ben Hill or your County, then join Marcey and/or the BVM team and help GET OUR THE VOTE!

Register now as a volunteer by completing the form below. Marcey or someone from our staff will call you as soon as possible.

Community Volunteerism

Leigh Angenette Kittrell is our Projects Director

Someone once said, "it's never too late to become a part of something great!  At Fitzgerald for Change there are several opportunities to serve, and your volunteerism will be greatly appreciated.  Fill out the form below to complete our volunteer form and Angie or someone from our team will get back with you as soon as possible.

Community Advocacy

Maggie Boxey is Staff Community Advocacy Trainer.  Advocating for Change takes time and is not always easy.  Maybe you feel you have been called to help bring change to your community, but you don't know where to start. F4C ensures you never have to go it alone.  Let us help provide you with the training you need to be successful.  Maggie along with our community partners provides a variety of trainings from free computer trainings, community advocacy, and more. We or one of our partners have a class for you.  

To inquire further fill out the form below and in the comment section, state your passion.  Someone from our team will get back with you.



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